About Us

About Us

BAE was founded by business partners Sue and Katie Birch, who have both been involved in the event industry for several years and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this sector. They provide bespoke events, tailor made to your individual requirements, across the UK, from 10 to 1000+ delegates. Such events include:-

Gala Dinners



Sporting Festivals

Charity Events

Seasonal Events

Award Ceremonies


Hospitality Days

Corporate Events

Special Celebrations

Music Festivals

Our aim at BAE is to ensure whatever the event, it runs seamlessly. We connect all of the individual components together to create the most stunning and spectacular event for you. Depending on the size and nature of the event, we will utilise the support of our associate team, providing services such as AV production/entertainers/speakers/photographers etc.

We will initially take a brief from you, so that we can fully embrace the effect you are trying to achieve. This allows us to design and deliver an event which takes into consideration any wish that you may have and exceeds all your expectations. This enables you to step back and removes any stress from the organization of the event and allows you to enjoy the occasion with your colleagues and friends. We will take full responsibility for event design, planning, venue search, budget control, marketing, delivery and post event analysis. For Award events we will oversee entry gathering, the judging process and the securing of sponsorship. With charity events we utilize our diverse range of contacts to help with fund raising.

Our credentials page and photo gallery illustrates the types of events we can provide.